Friday, July 29, 2011

Miss Fancy Bug... Pincushion

Last night I got the itch to make something. I think I have blame it on the very wonderfully crafty lady over at craftiness is not of my favorite bloggies. She was just too inspirational... I had to follow suit. =) As I was browsing through some of her older posts, I noticed the cutest little pincushions sitting on her tables and... I think...fabric covered weights?...holding fabrics down.

I wanted to make some too!
After all, it was 10:15pm. I needed something fast, easy and satisfying.
So I googled pincushion tutorials and clicked on pics that I liked.
And ended up making my own version of the Bitty Bug Pincushion by Goody-Goody Handmade.

And go figure... I took pictures while I did it. Keep reading for my tutorial-ish, and click here for the real tutorial.


The tute said..cut some circles. But I have stacks of already cut circles in my Miss Fancy Plants hoard. And the right colors. Oh yah!
So I whipped some of those out.
You need circles like these- ish --->


Then you place them like so..
folding the reds in half and then the black one too.
However... had I really followed the original tutorial, I'd have known the black needed to be a smidget smaller than the I had to do some trimming. Hey... we've already established that I am no perfectionist. =/


Then you press!

I can't believe I actually did this step!

I never do the ironing step.

(that's 4 in german)

Now I was supposed to make some antenna.
So I ran upstairs to find the little tiny bundle of twiney stuff that I knew was in the black hole some where..
Found it..
and then I couldn't get it undone!!! 

But then I did.

And I made some antenna.


I had to place the antenna on the beetle head and put the last circle down, making a bug sammich.

Goody-Goody suggests tacking down the antenna before sewing to make sure they stay. So I did.

In case you're wondering why the little stringies are hanging outside the sammich... like I was... well, it's just the extra. That will end up inside the bug.

And then you pin the sammich up and start sewing...
I didn't feel like bringing out my machine, or running back to the black hole to find my pinning-stuff pins, so I used sewing needles to pin it and hand-stitched the sucker. Kept me busy the entire episode of Top Gear.


Flip it!

Here's where I became a smidget disappointed.

I flipped my little lady right-side-out and her antennas slipped right out. Boo!

So I suggest maybe a dot of hot glue on the seam at the antenna, just to extra hold them in place...

I left the thread and needle attached after I was done hand-stitching the bug, so I didn't have to re-do the knots and stuff.

And after I remembered that I don't really ever see antennas on real lady bugs, I got over my disappoinment.
I like her so far.




Sew up the hole!

I made a boo-boo and didn't stitch the beetle head all way around, so doing a slip-stitch was not really an option.. I had to ugly-stitch her shut.

But smart me-  I whipped up a Fancy Plant, tacked it on in the ugly spot...
and viola'!

Miss Fancy Bug.

Thank ya, thank ya ver' much.

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