Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I'm Loving

Living Life in Grace and Blessings
There is always something to be grateful for!
Mostly, the Things I'm Loving today is inspired by Shrinkage.

But first... I am Loving Rainbows!! They are everywhere all over this rock!

 See.. right behind me! =) 

And.. I am Loving the Extraordinary Things My Handsome and I get to do!
Just last weekend we got to do a sunset cruise on the coast of Waikiki and see the island like we've never seen it before. It was wonderful. Now.. I know that anyone who comes to the rock can do this..but I don't really know that many people, even the ones who live here, that do stuff

I am Loving 
<--- this Salad.

I just made it up.
And I am eating it now.
It is sooo good.

Spring Mix
Left over wild rice
Red Grapes
Strawberry Vinegarette

I should have thought to throw some raisins in there.
Next time!

Do you have any awesome salads with fruit that you'd like to share?
Cause I want to eat them!

I am Loving my Water Bottle.

It's insulated.

So things stay cold.

It's got a loop.

So I can hold it all swingy..
or attach to my beaner on a backpack.

It is dishwasher safe!!

Moms... you know why this is great.

It was CHEAP!

So I bought FOUR.

And it looks fancy-ish.

I think...

This one is a Double Love.

Loving my Zune.
I won't tell you the name of it.
But it's awesome.

She's my little Cherry Lady.

Love the size of her...
She fits in my wallet.
So when I have to unplug her from
the car, I can just keep her close.

Also... Loving the band Group 1 Crew.

Air 1 plays their stuff all the time.
Tator just downloaded their Outta Space Love album last week.

They have the same sound as
The Black Eyed Peas.
But honestly... I think these guys are better.

Much better.  ;)

And lastly today, I am Loving my Feet... with shoes on them.

They are carrying me every where I need to go. 
God has blessed me with working limbs and by his Grace and strength... I am going to let them carry me to Shrinkage. Once and for all!

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