Monday, June 13, 2011

Waimea Valley and Other North Shore Things

 So like I said...I'm putting up some pictures from our day on the North Shore while my Dad was here. Making this drive is one of my favorite things to do on Oahu. It's always so peaceful and calming. There are some touristy things on that side...we usually try to steer clear of those places...but Dole Whips are starting to draw us in. =/ I could seriously eat those things for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 
Anyways, we started out the day driving up Kunia Road, straight through the country...and made our way over to the Dole Plantation for crack in a cone! Then we drove straight-ish North and had lunch in Haleiwa at Breakers. I always like it there. The food is good and the service is always great. And I LOVE the hand-blown glass shop that's in the shopping center there. ...Then, on we went down the main drag in Haleiwa, only pointing out Matsumoto's Famous Shave Ice (b/c...really, it's just a giant snow cone) and followed the coast into Waimea Valley. Most of my photos today will come from there. After our gorgeous, and informative (Waimea Valley is full of history) hike and swim in the waterfall pool, we drove on east and ended our "tour" at Bellows Beach, rope-swinging and breathing deep the amazing views and tranquility. It was a long day. But is was super relaxing. I actually felt like I was on vacation! 

 So onto the photos! There are 29 of them. It was too hard to weed through the 200+ pictures and choose only 10. So to see them all, just click the read more link. ;) 
Click on any photo to view it larger! 

I guess I can start out with the last photo! ;)  This is Bellows Beach around 5:30pm. If you look out at the horizon, not at the "island" but the last mountain on the left... that's Makapu. The lighthouse is there. We'll do that hike one day. 

Those are my two men. My Daddy and My LOVE. Bellows is one of my favorite places on this island! Always gorgeous! Look at the shadow the trees are casting on the sand! 

I'm not sure why this uploaded vertically. But you can still see the beauty in this flower. I love it's droopy stamen. Ha!  Can't remember where along the road I took this...

This was one of my favorite places on the drive. It's a retired Loi Pond. Hawaiians used to farm fish in these. They still have a few Loi's that in use around the island.  See the rock wall that used to divide the pond from the bay?  

 This is just a random shot of a beach that we stopped on to stretch our legs. It's gorgeous! We got lots of great photos!

And this is a coconut... on the gorgeous beach. 

To see the rest of the
photos from the North Shore
drive & Waimea Valley

The rest are photos that I took, some of my favorites...that aren't of my family. ;) All but 2 are from the Waimea Valley hike.

I thought this was interesting. It's a piece of an ancient Morus Boninensis Tree. Click on the picture to enlarge it and read the plaque.

Insert:  Dole Plantation Pineapples. Ha! We walked around their worldly pineapple garden while we ate our Dole Whips. Yum! 

Ok, Back to Waimea Valley. This is the tree at the entrance to the hike! 

This anchor is supposed to be from Captain Cook's Ship, the HMS Daedalus. Isn't that the name of the ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean?

The End!
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