Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hallway Hurdles

One of the things I lu-uv to do is create! Give me some chunks of wood, a hammer and some nails and I am a happy girl. Add some paint or wood stain...and ferrrr-git-it. I'm lost for hours. I guess you could say that I am somewhat of a compulsive carpenter? Carpenters are very cool you know... my Daddy is a carpenter. Jesus was a carpenter. =D YAH! 
Usually when I get the urge to break out the project stuff, I don't stop until the mission has been accomplished. Not to say that I don't have many, many unfinished projects, or dozens on my to-do list...but when I have the stuff to finish, I tend to be a bit of a work-a-holic. I once spent 8 hours building some lattice "fences" to border my back patio. I think I forgot to eat that day. =/  It's a good thing I don't care much for perfection. Because my stuff is full of quirks and dings and imperfections. I like them that way! So anyways...tonight I got the itch to make something. So I pulled some stuff out of the closet (that I totally just cleaned out the other day, it is amazing!) and right in the middle of the upstairs hallway I sat and went to work. My poor girls had to hurdle over me and the stacks of frames and fabric and tape and paper to get from their rooms to the shower. The hallway project turned out nicely I think. It's an octagonal shaped frame that I have painted and converted into a changeable quote holder. Yah! That sounds fantastically boring doesn't it? But wait till you see it.. not tonight though! I have a different photo in mind for today's Project 365

The frame-thingy was way too fast and did not satisfy me completely. I was still itchy. So I brought out these chunks of 4x4 lumber and painted them while I watched Friends- THE BESTEST SHOW EVER! Tonight they got their first round of paint. Tomorrow (I guess I have to wait for the paint to dry all the way....agony) they will get their backsides painted and their reason for being...their letters! Yes! They are going to be WORDS. How clever of me?!! hahaha Hey, I think this free-ish project is very clever. Considering... I am so clever as to come up with something completely free! The wood was freeeee and my mother-in-law bought the paint years ago!! I'm not sure why I took this photo. But I'm glad I did. Because I needed a 365 pic for today. ;) ViolĂ !

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