Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Turquoise

I was looking around at blogs last night and stumbled upon a lovely lady that is obsessed with the color turquoise. (Hint: that is a link to her blog.) I absolutely loved her blog, as I share her obsession, and felt inspired... My husband doesn't appreciate this fabulous color as much or at all as I do. So, to save myself and him from any epic decorating battles, I sneak my must have turquoise finds and creations in through out the house in moderation. We have had many, many conversational challenges (that I always win) about a turquoise cabinet that I made a few years back. He hates greatly dis-appreciates my awesome cabinet and says that it "just doesn't go" with anything else in the house...that we have no turquoise. Hm! I say too bad. Ha HA! Everyone else, yes everyone ;), loves my cabinet. It was even the inspiration for a beautiful turquoise painting that my friend created and gifted to me. That now hangs above the cabinet at the landing on top of the stairs. Now, my husband is not completely anti-cabinet/turquoise. His father, who I definitely plan to blog about later, gave him a book entitled The Turquoise. It is a lovely little thing, written by Anya Seton and published in 1946. And ....the cover is TURQUOISE! So...since My Love, My Husband likes this fabulous color to live somewhat together in our home...he placed the book on the cabinet, and there it rests. So for today's Project 365, I present you with The Turquoise.

I have recently become a more interested reader, having been much more picky before. And currently I am trying to build a 30 Things reading list for my 30 before 30 challenge. So...I decided that this book MUST go onto my list. That makes 14 titles now! ...and I am looking for recommendations! Let me know if there is something that I MUST read. =) 
My collection of turquoise 
things is still a baby collection.
To see it click

This is the top of a frame that holds my "model" photo. Hehe. I had good hair that day. I was cute. I was 23. What?!!

This is my wine cork jar. I think it's a vase. But I like it for Moscato corks! Yum yum yum!  As you can see, sometimes I mark the corks, if those bottles were shared on a special occasion. The vase used to live at my office in California. I don't think it held anything there.

This is a water pitcher that I painted at a ceramics shop. I am no great artist. But I love the turquoise on the inside.

This is a cross that I made. I love this little cross. I think I'm going to make tons of these and sale them at craft fairs and on etsy....because it's fun. And because we should never forget the sacrifice that was made for us! 

I think I might have a problem. This is just a teeny little snippet of my closet. =/ You can't see the rest. AH!! 

Turquoise shoes and Kuwait skirt. Love!!!

My back of door bag. It holds...stuff. 

This is a piece of the decorative cork/frame/mirror board that I made my daughter for Christmas last year. I will blog about her 10 year old's Turquoise room in another post. 

And finally...the place where The Turquoise rests... on the turquoise cabinet, under the turquoise painting.

You can also see some wonderful distressed turquoise things HERE.

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