Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rusty Harbor

Once again, I have found myself surrounded by ample shutter-snapping opportunities. This morning I took the girls to have their sports physicals done. They are playing soccer this summer! My husband was going fishing in the Hickam Harbor and suggested we come out and say hi after our appointments. I am so glad I didn't go straight home to clean!! I love overcast days for pictures near the beach. (not always of course) Here's a tiny handful of the shots I got in.

When I saw all of these logs I went nuts. They were the second thing I laid eyes on and I was excited just for the logs! ha!  ...the first thing I saw was the old crusty, rusty, about to be towed boat in the parking lot. eeeeee!

I couldn't wait to snap some pictures of the stuff on the boat. It was covered in barnacles and junk. I did get some images of those, but I'll keep them for later. I thought the rope at an up-angle was interesting. And the Hawaiian word, Lo'ika means...I think...nightfall. 

I love old things that rust and peel and chip! 

Ok, I forgot, not lied...that I did include a little bit of barnacle crud in this photoblog. =)   I love all the sea colors of this boat! Beautiful! 

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I have come to the conclusion that I am definitely a country girl at heart. I love anything that looks rustic and farmish. One day we will get back to Texas and we will live in the country. 
oh...crap. Now the peaches song is totally stuck in my head...
"movin' to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches...millions of peaches, peaches for me!" 
Funny thing about that husband seriously wants to start up a peach orchard where ever we end up.

Rusty Harbor!

Yes, that is My in a very stylish floppy hat and high disappearing-into-his-shorts socks outfit. He is awesome!!  Notice the Waikiki city skyline view with Diamond Head in the distance!
Below is my first bebe and a log.  I thought is was pretty cool how the lens focused on just the mucked up part of the log. 

Here's both my bebes. No idea what they're talking about. I made them sit there. Ha! 

 a rusty thing... don't know what it is.

 This is one of my favorite photos. Wood and leaf and rusty things. I love the colors. 

 I love the crumby-ness of all the stuff lining the water here.  

And finally, below, is the first picture that I took of rusty things. LUV it. ;) 

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