Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Domestic Godess-ish

I accomplished so much today. Dishes 3 times, laundry, gym, grocery store, vacuum, dust, purge both little girls' rooms/dust/rearrange/organize all day, dinner, assist maintenance man in fixing broken door and stupid light fixture, clean potty, fold laundry, sweep, blow off patio, put oil in truck, cuddle little girls, shower, de-bone chicken, run dishwasher, purge email, kiss Husband... I forgot to take pictures. =/ 
Finally I sat down to watch True Grit (looove love love it, btw) with My Love and treat myself to some gummi worms...and I realized my Project 365 had been neglected today. So I grabbed my phone and took a pic of the closest thing at hand. ;) 

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