Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Other Man

My Daddy came to visit me for a few days on his way to the Big Island of Hawaii. His beautiful wife was rewarded with a trip to Kona by her company for her valuable and rather badA$$ contributions. So they stopped through Oahu for a small chunk of days...because coming to Hawaii with out seeing us would have been...well, unforgivable...ish. Ha! ;)  
I haven't been off this rock since I moved here a year and a half ago and haven't seen my Daddy in just as long. I miss him so much...I miss everyone. But sometimes I just NEED a hug from my Dad. I need to look at his face. I need to see the man who has been my protector and counselor and home...and just feel like his little girl again. Neither of us are very good phone-talkers... being in his presence is much better...silence between us is never awkward; it is comfortable. He emanates love. His looks and facial expressions can simultaneously frighten and warm the soul. =) hehe. This is something that those closest to him know well. He is an amazing man... 
I have not lived near my family in over 10 years now. And I have never felt true home-sickness until I moved to this island. This little taste of "home" only fed it more. Now...I am ready to go back "home" and be near MY people again.
So, since I am playing catch up in Project 365 (I felt visiting with family trumped blogging these days passed, though, I made sure to take pictures each day...) my Wednesday, Day 5, photo will be this...of me and my Daddy...My Other Man....The First man in my life. 

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