Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scrap Fabric Headband Holder

Yesterday I finally got around to making my 11-next-month-year-old her oatmeal carton head band holder. I have been finding headbands shoved everywhere. Baskets, drawers, night stands, coffee tables, counters, couch cracks... =/   EeeeNUFF. 

So while I slapped it together, I took lots of pics. And today I am attempting my first tutorial-ish blog. 

It is super, super, extra super easy to do! 
~Please forgive me and my non-technical directions.~ 
~I am very comfortable with mess-ups and jimmy-rigging!~

Stuff you need:

A large oatmeal container
Glue sticks
Ugly glue gun
*optional-quilt batting

Step 1:   Make lots of cookies!! You do have to empty that container. Those are oatmeal-raisin-chocolate chunk!! My favorite way to use oatmeal though is to make the "Neiman Marcus" cookies. (Next time I make those, I'll do a tutorial-ish and link it here. yah!)  Then... you punch out the bottom of the container... but keep the lid! 

Step 2: totally optional. Cover the can with quilt batting. If the fabric you are going to use is see-through-ish, then you might want to do this step. My fabric was, so I used the puffy stuff.  You will need -about- a 20x13 piece of batting to cover the particular can shown here. But since you may not like quick 5-minute oats, your can might be a different size.. so measure what you have! 
I used spray adhesive to attach my batting. You can use hot glue, it works just as well. As you can see, I didn't measure my batting..I just used left-over strips that I had.. if you do this too, all you have to do is glue it and trim the edges. 

Step 3: Cut your fabric. Since you measured your can, you will know what dimensions to cut. Be sure to leave extra fabric on every end for the folding-over-and-gluing-step. I used the large Quaker Can... so I needed a 20x 13 piece of fabric. I actually used a 20x12...but in the process wished I had an extra inch...
(The fabric I used was left-over curtains -I think- so there is a hem in my stuff. You don't need to sew a hem, folding the edge over will work.) 

Step 4: Glue the fabric on the can! Easy to do. Don't worry about being perfect. Or if you want to, I guess that's fine too. ;)  Line up the fabric, center the picture, square it.. so that it will rest on the can the way you want it. I had a large picture to work with = easy. Use a dot of glue to attach the top and bottom edges of the fabric to the can at first...sort of a tacking method. Then you can use lines... or whatever gluing method makes you feel good... to affix the entire edge.  When you wrap the second edge around to meet the first, fold it under to create a finished edge before gluing. 
*The optional step in here: would be to have ironed the second edge (or maybe even hem it) so it's super crisp when it lays on the can. But this is a super, super, extra, super easy project... so I OMIT this. HA!

Step 5: Simply fold over and glue the edges onto the inside of the can. Do it on both sides. I couldn't get a good shot of this process..but I'm sure you get the idea. So here are some pics of the "finished" step. 



As you can see.. the top is not cute. I cannot leave it as is. So this is where the lid that you kept comes into play. 
(We are going to leave the bottom open.)

Step 6: This is probably the most tedious step. Cover the lid. You can choose to punch out the paper and use just the plastic ring (like I did) or you can put some batting on the paper and/or cover it with fabric. 

What you will want to do is turn the fabric you're using over so that the right side is facing down... then put hot glue onto the plastic ring portion of the lid... then plop place the ring glue-side down onto the fabric. Easy. 

The trickier part comes next. 
**If you have kept the paper part of your lid, it's easier for you. You just glue the unfinished edges onto the under-side of the lid. And viola'. You're done with the lid.

But I messed up my paper and had to punch it out. So my lid was not so easy. 
Ok, it was still easy...
I lined the inside of the plastic ring, a little at a time, with glue and pressed the fabric over and into the glue. 
Then I cut the excess off. 

I used the sleeve of an old t-shirt. =D

Step 7: Glue the Lid on the Can.  Just line the rim of the can with glue (a little at a time if you need to) and press the finished lid onto the top. Easy Peasy. 

And there you have it! 
An easy headband holder for a little girl who used to like to use the couch/table/floor/drawer instead. 

My finished Headband Holder is today's Project 365.

I am putting this project 
in ON{the laundry}LINE's
...since I did this quickie 
storage project during summer break. ;)
Check it out! 

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