Saturday, June 4, 2011

Count You Twice

Today is the day I'm posting my first Project 365 photo. And to be honest....I totally forgot to try and take a clever picture. =/  But the whole point of the challenge is to learn something about yourself and to develop your photography (and, for me, writing) I will just choose from the photos that I happened to snap today. I don't know if I ever go a day with out taking a picture. Now that every phone comes equipped with a camera, and I have shutterbug in my blood, it is really hard to remember the last day that I didn't take a picture...even if it was of something totally lame! Good thing for me, huh?
So today I went shopping at the monster that is the Ala Moana international shopping mall. Ugg. I usually try to stay AWAY from that place. Hawaii's tourists seem to be drawn to that place like ants to a jolly rancher. It's just a mall dudes. But ok.. if they'd rather go shop at Old Navy, that just means there is more room on the trails and the beaches for me! Yah! 
Anyways, I went with my b.f.f. in search of presents for her hubs and son and we, of course, wandered into tons a few stores that interested us. Cinnamon Girl is where our photo of the day was birthed. I always take pictures of things that I want to make myself for inspiration. Usually it's boutique-y stuff, frames, quotes, wall art, unique furniture... C.G. is full of these sorts of treasures. So I was snapping away! Everything in there is CA-ute! 

I love the decoupage-y, patchy, scrappy look to this little shelf sitter. And the quote is adorable. I think that's why I really took the photo. I wanted to remember that quote. 
So there you have it. Day one. I'm curious to see where my eyes and shutterbug fingers take me through out this next year. It should be fun!

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