Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beauty in Hoomaluhia

It is not that hard to find beauty in Creation, especially here in Hawaii. God gets major props for some of the weird botanical concoctions he came up with and placed on this rock. And I CANNOT stop taking pictures of it all. About a month, or so, ago I finally joined the masses and got a smart phone. It's a freakin genius. And the camera on it is better than any of our regular, non-calling, internet searching, facebook yielding cameras. Sooo, I go a little nuts and fill up the memory card very often. In the tiny little month-ish that I've had the phone, I've filled the memory twice with photos. That's over 1000 images. (I have its settings on super high resolution, otherwise, I might be able to make it to 4k photos??) 
Yesterday, I hit my memory capacity while snapping macros of almost every flower and weird growing thing I could see in Foster's Botanical Garden, a.k.a. Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens, Honolulu. (They have one in K-bay as well.)  There were orchids like crazy and Cannon Ball Trees... giant palms and enormous dinosaur trees...everywhere!!  
My girlfriend, Michele, and I were looking for something inexpensive or free to do with our girls...since our "every-Wednesday" hiking plans were foiled at the gate. We both injured our feet. Hm. =/   I did a search and found Foster's..and so we went. I am so glad.  Check out the beauty in Creation that I was fortunate enough to see! Here is just a sampling. Pictures don't do the trails and forest-trees justice!  (Bear with my photog skills, they are budding...and with only a camera phone and an old Canon.)

 See, it was so much fun... just a sampling.. I wanted to show yall all 200-something photos I took. But that would take forever to upload. ;)
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