Thursday, June 30, 2011

...All Summer Long

..on the way to the pool with the windows down and breeze in our hair..

Summertime is my favorite part of the year. 
There's so much going on. Memories being made. Relaxation. Soaking up the sun. Friends. Family.
I always find myself thinking back on my childhood days. 
All day in the swimming pool, building forts in the woods, riding bikes through the neighborhood. 
Fireflies, fire crackers, camp fires.
I can't help but feel nostalgic and calmed. 

Summertime reminds me of simpler days where there were no worries and the fading sun was the call to come home. 


Kick ball with the neighborhood kids 
Scrounging up up change for the ice cream truck
Drinking out of the waterhose
Climbing Trees and scraping everything!
Swinging so high the swing set legs come up off the ground
Staring in awe at the 4th of July fireworks
BBQ's with everyone
Going barefoot everywhere
Long days spent waiting in line for water slides
Snow cones at the baseball fields
Mom always in her sunglasses
Seeing umbrella drinks & wanting one
Summer camp!!
Camping with the family
Staying outside all day long
Only watching cartoons on Saturday mornings
Always walking in the door dirty 
Saving jelly jars to catch fire flies 
Concerts in the park
Reading, reading, reading... to get the free Book-It pizza!
Never-ending water gun fights
Playing ghost in the grave yard
...and almost peeing your pants, you're so scared of being caught
Telling ghost stories with a flash light in your face
Playing Marco Polo.. and never saying Polo till you were just out of reach
Building forts in the woods by the house
...and then having rubber band wars out of them
Blowing bubbles for hours
Covering the driveways with sidewalk chalk
Knocking on friends' doors at 7 in the morning
On-going freeze tag games
Riding bikes around the neighborhood for hours
...and our parents never knowing where we were
Listening for Dad's loud, finger in the mouth whistle, a cue to get home NOW
Buying candy cigarettes and root beer.. cause we thought it was cool


Yes. Summer is my favorite part of the year. I just hope one day my girls will be able to look back on simpler times...and remember some of the things that I do. 

My kind of Nostalgia:

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