Friday, July 1, 2011

Things I'm Loving

Living Life in Grace and Blessings 
There is always something to be grateful for!

I am loving my new Soap Dispenser! I think it's beautimous and I feel fancy when I use it. It makes kitchen duty much more..well..ok. 

The Macro Setting on my Phone
I am so obsessed. It's not even funny. I really think I have a problem. =/ 
I don't care! 
I can't stop.
Look at what I'm snapping pics of! LOVE it. 

Took this one while I was waiting to conference with my Theory and Criticism Professor... yes, I did LOVE that class too! 

Yah!! Even in the shade... 

These things.. Plumeria... smell AHmazing!  Right now they are in full bloom and you can smell them before you can see them. Lucky me... gets to live among them. 

I do LOVE rusty things. This is a bike rack pole at my to some blue flower to a to the big rat tail tree.

LOVING the Summertime Things.

Going to the pool is a favorite. And I LOVE the red, white and blue stuff...all over the military bases. 

And I'm LOVING the Mood Changing Nail Polish my 11 in 2 more weeks year old is wearing. So cool!

What are you LOVING today?

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