Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 91 - A picture of you and your friends playing a game

I immediately thought of this photo. Yah, it's old-ish...taken with an ancient digital camera-old. Ha!

According to the properties on the picture file in my computer...this was taken on September 11, 2005. Huh. Well..then. Seems like that should make the night profound... it was you know. know. So....obviously we're playing twister. We were in Germany then. I'm wearing a Viva la Bam shirt. ((Yah...I don't know why. I think he is lame. I probably got it as a hand-me-down. And it's pink. I don't wear pink!! Except for in this picture.)) My hair looks orange-y. That's because I tried to dye it blondish. =/ The lovely lady that I am tangled up with is my old sweet friend, Tiffany. We're at her house. (That's Krystal and her hubs in the background. Why don't I have her on FB? I wonder how she has been!) So there I am...playing a game. The only other photos I know of where I am playing...are beer pong photos. Ha! Perhaps I will have to remedy this.