Thursday, July 1, 2010


HO-LEEE Crap! My muscles are SOOOOORE!
This P90x is no joke. I did the back/chest (like I said) and then the next day did Ab Ripper. It hurts to move. I've never felt discomfort like this before. I have to lean over in the shower to wash my hair because it hurts to lift my arms. Jumping around like a kangaroo in Zumba yesterday didn't help either. Not sure what the move is called...but it's a sort of leaping, traveling battement tendu..and now my hips are feeling it. I can't help but think the P90x has something to do with my tenderness because I've done the same dance at least 5 other times and never felt sore.
Having been and "athletic sort" all my life, I love this feeling. Even though I'm in a pitiful hobbling state at the present. I know it means I'm working hard. And my body will benefit.

Didn't do anything active today. I slept in and read my book all day-ish. It's a rest day. Tomorrow is Zumba again. And perhaps I'll throw in some kill me now P90x. We'll see.