Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day One

Gah! Today was day one of P90x. I did chest and back.... and my SHOULDERS are going to fall off now. They are. I've never been one to claim any sort of upper body strength. Now is no different. But if I stick with this stuff, the guns are mine.

So as my first official weigh in, as I begin blogging my way through this, is....

166.5. Ahhhhh!

It's ok. It's ok. I did start at 172 at the beginning of the year. I haven't lost much. But I've been in a losing frame of mind...or rather, a healthier frame of mind (for the most part.) Now I'm getting down to business. I took "before" pictures. But the cartoon will have to suffice for now. I'm chicken today.

I don't plan to do P90x every single day as the plan prescribes. I'm still going to do my Zumba classes 3x a week as usual. I love them too much. P90x is a "supplement", if you will; an addition to my regimen.
Time to chug some more water. And maybe sweat a little more cleaning the house. Maybe. ;)