Monday, June 28, 2010

the Eve

Today was morning Zumba. Madalene is my Monday & Friday morning Zumba instructor. She's my favorite. I guess she's a master instructor... which means??? She knows more moves than other instructors?? I dunno. But still.. she really focuses on what moves work which muscles and how they'll help you to burn calories.
I heard somewhere that you can burn anywhere from 700 to 1,000 calories in an hour of Zumba! I'll do some research on that and get back to ya... I swear it feels like I'm burning more.

I plan to do my first round of P90x tomorrow. I figure that with my combination of P90x and Zumba will really do the trick. If I don't see results after incorporating this... I'm gonna eat nothing but carrots and lettuce from now on. HA!

Seems like what I am eating, though, at the present time is working for me. My metab is rolling like crazy. I have that burning hungry revved up feeling in my stomach that I get when I'm on the 6 week body make over (6wbmo) program. I have been doing a modified version of it since January. But I've stalled in losses for the last few months. Sucks.

Tomorrow will be my day 1. A Tuesday. I know that's weird. Day 1 blogging my progress. So get ready for my weigh in. I'll take pictures. But don't expect to see them yet... not that anyone is reading this anyways.