Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello Again

I am one of those people that knows exactly what to do to lose weight and maintain a healthy body. I know how to eat right. I know what foods work with my body... I LOVE exercise.
But I also love food.

So.....I am also one of those people that battle back and forth, up and down hill after hill on the weight loss/ healthy body roller coaster.

It's freakin frustrating. WHY can't I just get and maintain the right frame of mind?

I don't have the answer to that. Maybe I just need to stop making excuses and WORK.
I guess taking it one day at a time is best... I have to work on that.

I think I'm going to try P90x. A friend of mine has it and is gonna let me borrow it. We'll see. I'm excited for it. I love exercising.
Currently, I'm taking Zumba classes 3x a week. You'd think that would be enough. But it doesn't really engage my muscles like I need. It's a great calorie burn and super fun. I love dancing. This is the first work out that I've stuck with over a long period of time. I'm more of an exercise grazer. But I'm willing to give this P90x a go. 90 different days of working out with it...
I'm gonna record daily here and ((probably)) post up progression pics. Hopefully next week I'll get to start. We'll see... just have to get it from my friend.

My "new approach", as mentioned before, will be employed again. It's ridiculous how easily prayer and faith can be pushed aside in the pursuit of a hot body. I guess it's vanity getting in the way. But I do believe that The Lord and my faith and trust in Him will be key to my achieving my goal.

Help me to keep you first and foremost in my mind. Help me to be faithful in prayer and faithful to myself in working toward a healthier body. I know that with you as my strength, it will happen. And I thank you for that.

and I say again


Please help me to stay focused. Give me the drive and want and strength to see this through. Please help me to be ardent in my task. Please help me to seek you when I feel like eating things that are not healthy for me. Please help me to be faithful in my exercise. I know that it will make me stronger.
I have been living selfishly and lazily for far too long and am unhealthy and uncomfortable because of it. Please forgive me for putting things into my body when I know that they are not good and nourishing.
Please help me each day to keep my eyes on you and to put my faith in you. I know you will bring me through this.
I pray these things in Jesus' name.