Thursday, April 8, 2010


So we've been here now for a few months. We're mostly settled into our new house. And, as a woman who has always bragged a bit on her skill in being able to unpack a house in 2 weeks and make it seem "lived in"...I'm sucking in that department this go 'round. I think it's lived in, for sure. But I still have 2 rubber maid bins and a foot locker sitting in my dining room and 4 large "art" pieces sitting on the floor against the wall in the living room...NO pictures hung in aforementioned room, and still no entertainment center. The last not being my fault though. I can't unpack a new entertainment center until it decides to deliver itself to my door, now can I? If only it were that easy...
There are not enough furniture stores on this island. Does every one really want cheaply made, contemporary-modern stuff? Because that's all I can find. Help?

As we're plowing through yet another year, things are pretty good. Our first visitor has come and gone. We're meeting some fun people and slowly gaining in the friend department. The girls are really happy in their school and I'm happy to date with the school's curriculum. We've found an amazing church that, so far, has met all of our criteria...
I can't tell you how happy that makes me. With all the different options out there, we found one that is really authentic and genuine in its faith and teaching. The music is amazing. We feel like we're at a rock concert every Sunday. I can't wait to go back this weekend.

I've also started up Zumba classes again. And here's the really good part... they're free!! They're all at the base's gym. I can't believe they have actual Zumba instructors leading classes. I feel like I'm at a fancy civilian gym every time I go. Is this what I've been missing for the last years not on an Air Force base?

Oh! So I'm finally going to cave in and go to a bunco night. I've resisted bunco for years now because it's always been the type of thing that "those kind" of military wives go to. It's been way to vanilla. But these women here... they're a different breed. They're so much fun. I can't imagine the night being dull. Plus, I don't know a ton of people yet. And I'm not completely settled in my circle of friends. So I need to network right?
Speaking of friends, I'm finding that I'm so much more picky this time around than ever. I have a small set of friends here already...I think I've put them in the gym partner/drinking buddy/beach & BBQ category. I need the "let's hang out every day and our husbands like each other" set. will happen.

I'll go ahead and close in saying that I'm happy here. It's hard to adjust to the switch from working long days to not working at all. But the fall semester is fast approaching. I'll be neck deep in the books soon enough and then we'll see just how much I'm loving life!