Sunday, January 24, 2010

Home in HI

These past couple of months seem like such whirlwind to me now, as I knew they would. Since that last moment, we've been re-united, had 6 Christmases, a New Year, a wedding, a funeral, 2 engagements, a major surgery, a move overseas...

Now as I type, very sleepily I might add, from within my new home at our new base-I am again grateful and blessed. God does come through for us, every time, regardless of form. This time we get to live in a breath-takingly beautiful place and we have a nice ((new)) roof over our heads. I'm so happy with the house that we ended up in. It feels right. It feels comfortable. We've only been living in this place for a week now, but I can already sit here in the living room and look over at the kitchen and feel like I've done that a thousand times before.

I guess that's part of being a nomadic family. The instant "home" you feel through your new front door. Granted, that has not always been the case. At our last base, we felt comfortable enough but that house was not really and truly home. Time will tell if this new one will be. I feel as though it maybe already is.

The girls have already made a ton of friends, as they always do. Luckies. It's so much easier for all over the place at school and in the neighborhood. They have the ability to just walk up to a kid and say, "hey, want to play/be friends?" And then viola! BFF's.

Can you imagine the crazy lady that knocks on people's doors saying, "hi, I'm new here. Want to be my friend?"

No. It's tougher for us. Military Wives as a whole have a ton in common, and it's natural for us find each other and eventually become friends... but the waiting for those moments to come stinks.

We got lucky this time, and the 2 bases before this-come to think of it...that we had some friends already stationed here ahead of us.
See, another testament as to how God is taking care of us. ((THANK YOU LORD!))

OH! So get this. Hawaiian guys that were delivering our HHG's were telling us all sorts of goodies about Hawaii. A few hours into our Stuff-Delivery-Day, a big fat giant moth lands on our screen door. I commented on it's giantness and Hawaiian dude tells me that those moths are special. Hawaiian people believe they represent ohana,family, spirits and are good signs. They never kill them.
Hours later, after Hawaiian dude is gone, My Love and I are in the garage and see another giant moth just chillin' on a box.
I guess that must mean we are home... and welcome. E Komo Mai!