Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trust in Him & the House will come

I find myself becoming anxious to get our moving process just OVER with. I worry about where our home will be...what kind of house it will be... will we get the nice, big, newish home that was soooo long to live in, after many years of very old and falling to pieces military housing? I can't stop thinking about how I'll arrange my furniture in the house that I don't have and what sort of decor I'm going to have to buy/make/create to complete the rooms that I can't yet see.
I'm nesting in a big way right now. I love home stores and decorating & remodeling shows. I've bought a few big items recently while on my long stay with family before we move.


The Worry. The Stress. The Purchasing.

I have to let God take care of it. Because he always does. He always puts us in adequate housing. He always pushes things to work out, regardless of the obstacles that float into our paths. If I let him, he will take the reins.

I'll just fill out my paperwork. God can do the rest.