Saturday, October 3, 2009

Patience is not my middle name.

It gets really frustrating being patient. I hate waiting and have really become one of those people that wants instant gratification. I've done my share of diets that really and truly do yield fast and substantial results. But I've always just regained because they deprived me so much. When you get to finally have the stuff that you'd been avoiding for so long, you...or, should I say... I, almost always just go overboard.

I know it can't be good for my body to go through all these ups and downs. Pills and no pills. No carbs, no fat, no sugar.

The realization I've come to is that I just have to do it the "old fashioned way." Eat smaller portions, eat mostly better foods, and exercise a lot.
Why is that so hard to do? Really? I don't get it.

I remember back in High school...when I joined the track team...
I was a bit chubby before that. But as soon as I put some intense exercise- jogging, weights and a general mix of movement- I started shedding weight like crazy.
I hadn't changed my eating habits at all. I had brownies and pizza every single day for crying out loud.
But looking back I guess that I did generally eat much better then.
I'm so tempted to put my high school diet to the test. And by diet, I don't mean "lose weight diet", I mean my eating routine.
Granted, I do keep in mind that my body has gone through some major changes since my brownie days. It been 10 years, I've had two kids, and put my metabolism through the ringer. My chemistry is bound to be different.

It's just that this is only thing I can remember actually working for the long term... in my case anyways. All the healthy eating diets I've tried don't yield long term results for me. And it's mostly my own fault. A person can't realistically expect to maintain a comfortable, slim body and eat pizza and fries and burgers and ice cream 5 out of 7 days a week.

I know all of this. It's so stupid. I know exactly what I need to do to lose this extra uncomfortable weight and really keep it off... I know. I know.
But why is it so effin hard?