Monday, August 24, 2009

Dangerous Curves

I think I've actually started shrinking. And I didn't try yet. Well, consciously anyways. I've really and truly never been able to say that. I always have to try. Seems that lately I've been just eating less. I can't finish, nor do I want to, all the food on my plate. It's really rather wonderful. Now imagine that I TRY on top of that... I'll be a true LOSER! Wonderful!!

Tomorrow, I start to the gym. The kids are in school now. Just re-upped my gym membership. 300 classes available a week. All in the comfort of the desirable and much needed air conditioning. I have absolutely no excuse to fail, or to be absent from gym ever for the next 4 months. I'm not working, and I have nothing really to do. Laziness will equal failure. And I so want my clickity clack body back. I want my husband, who is away on business for a while, to really drop his jaw when he sees me next. Dangerous curves, here I come!