Saturday, August 8, 2009

Crossing the Bridge

Being an adult means you have to make decisions. I have to make the decision to eat right and move more. I swear though that I feel like I have made those choices... except I'm not seeing them implemented in my life.
How do you cross that bridge? The one that gets you from "wanting it" to "doing it"?
I feel like that is my greatest struggle when it comes to making this journey.
I envision myself slim-ish and cute...eating apples and carrots and running and dancing and working my booty off and loving it. But it just doesn't happen for me.
After genuine solid efforts, I slack off or give in; and one sluff turns into two, and two into three, and so on.
And the thing is, I LOVE exercising. I love all the healthy foods. So WHY, then, do I find myself in this repetitive cycle of starting and not finishing?

I really just want to be healthy and feel good in my skin again. Do I just not want it enough?

We're in the middle of moving right now. It's actually a really big move. To Hawaii. The house is completely dismantled. There's stuff in places now that there shouldn't be and I'm exhausted. My body, finally, after two and a half weeks broke down and got a cold. I'm guessing it's all the dust flying around and the stress and constant movement. I'd hoped that all the moving and lifting and blah blah blah would aid my cause. But it seems to have only aggravated it. I'm now longing for the day that I'm settled again and can focus on making myself healthy.

Perhaps each day I should only focus on the current situation in front of me and make the choice to eat right or move more. Each one of those steps will get me a little further along the bridge to "doing".

But if there are any secrets to getting there... I want to know.
In the mean time, can I keep venting as I find my stride.