Monday, July 13, 2009


Yah. So I said that it was an eye-opener...that picture. And it was. But WHY-Y did I then go off and eat fast food twice!! and chocolate cake!!?

I'm about to fight myself. Seriously.
The Tyler Durden in me needs to kick the nameless narrator in me's butt.
I have no explanation, other than I simply wanted to. I guess I could sit around and feel sorry for myself or make excuses or say just how crappy I am for continuing to feed myself filth... but I also believe that I'm going to just make bad choices...consciously even.... and am going to have to come to terms with it. Today won't be the last. But damn it! I've got to make better choices for myself. I'm going to.

Gross. I just looked at the fat vs muscle picture again. It makes me want to go run a mile.

I need to find out the skinny people's secrets. How they continually say no to crap, or too much crap.

I'm going to start my Program tomorrow.