Friday, July 10, 2009


I was never the fat stay at home mom house wife. I, of course, always wanted to lose weight but was so much thinner than I am now... as a working, busy, 40hr weeks kind of woman. Office jobs make you fat. Fast food is easier when you have to run your errands during your lunch break. Salads and veggies and forks and spoons don't fit into the driving schedule. Fried chicken sandwiches and burgers and fries. AND SODAS. Those are "better" and tons more convenient. Duh.

Gah. I read this article a while back. It listed out all the calories and fat grams there are in several different fast food meals. The calories in one burger with cheese, fries and a soda were more than a 200 pound man should consume in a day and half. The fat grams... holy crap.
Those commercials that used to run...where you'd see people going through drive thru's ordering a side of jiggly thighs or be-dunk-uh-dunk...they really hit the nail on the head.

I want so badly to have my thinnish figure back. The thin arms and non-lumpy mid section.
And I know exactly what I need to do to get it.
So what is my effing problem?

Weight loss is work. And I am being lazy. Or scared. Or... whatever.
Change is in my future. That last picture I saw...really and truly was... and eye-opener.