Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spinach Smoothie

Project 365

Here's a way to make your kids go yum!! And sneak some green into their diets...

I will admit; my kids eat better than I do. 

They eat carrots by the handful, grapes by the bowl. Cucumbers, steamed broccoli... salad!!!
They are the kids that get upset when the apples run out...not the cookies. 
I wish I ate as well as I've trained my bebes to eat. 

Eat as I say... not as I eat... 

So, while a lot of mamas out there are trying sneak some natural goodness into their kids' diets, I'm finding ways to sneak it into mine!

I love spinach. As long as it's fresh and not boiled, I LOVE it. And after many months of forcing having my family eat it... they are on the spinach wagon too.

I feel better through out the day when I've had my daily does of the green. 
It's super-rich in antioxidants and tons of vitamins and minerals. 
Wikipedia can tell you more about that. ;) 

 So I bet you're wondering if I'm going to tell you about the little smoothie I've pictured up there? 
I am. 

It was, so far, the best spinach smoothie I've made. And after I added a little granola to the top, it was a very satisfying breakfast! Just as good as any chain store smoothie I've ever had.'s what I did... 

I jammed a couple handfuls of spinach into my little shark blender
added some pineapple juice and pureed
Then when I had liquidy spinach, 
I threw in a banana, some frozen blueberries and strawberries and pureed again. 
And finally.. I added a teeny scoop of My Love's protein powder.  
that was an extra..

It was AHmazing!

I've also made these yummy smoothies with just raspberries, strawberries, spinach, banana and a tiny bit of whatever juice is available (for lubrication). 
The cool thing is, fresh raw spinach has virtually no taste.. so you can add it into any smoothie you like.

My kids love these!!

Let me know if you make them too! And how you and your bebes like them! 
Here is a link to my Pinterest recipe board...I've pinned a few spinach smoothie recipes!-->

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