Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lily Pad

Project 365 is taking its sweet time. I definitely take photos every day! But getting them into the blog is proving to be a chore some days. Like yesterday.. I was way more excited to show you my new pincushions. 
It's all good though. I will still bang out 365 of these suckers... even if my year becomes a 13, 14, 15 month'r.

So today's photo comes to you from the ditch. 
Yes, you heard right. 
The ditch. 

The bebes had soccer games in Kaneohe this morning, so after, we swung over to Bellows (my favorite place on the rock) to get lunch at Chicken Stand. But, to our disappointment, Chicken Stand was absent. Luckily, there's a Subway at the shoppette by the we had our veggies & pepperoni subs in the shade while we listened to the waves crash.
And where does the ditch come in you ask?

Well, not far up the road from where Chicken Stand is supposed to be...there is a ditch. It's a very giant-ish ditch. A baby boat could float it. And as we were driving over the ditch, Angel yells out, "LILY PADS!" 
So as we were driving out of Bellows, and leaving Handsome to paintball with friends, the inner-photog in me pulled over at the ditch to snap some shots of the floaty flowers.

And when I got home, I played around with one of the pics in Photoscape.

Today's 365. 

Which do you like best?





Cross-Processed with Vignette?

Tilt Shift?


I know some of the changes are kind of subtle. =/ But 'shopping is fun!

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