Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hale Koa Flora

When I see something beautiful, I want to take its picture. I can't help it that God is the most amazing artist. I can't help it that His Glory shines in Creation. And since He also made me...I like to think that He put the budding little photographer's eye in me too. So "I can't help it" that I am a little obsessive with my camera... right? ;)

My older bebe requested a swim in the Hale Koa pool on her birthday this passed week. And on the walk down to the pool, we pass a sweet little koi pond, full of lily pads and pretty fish, and through a gorgeous garden path with palm tree canopies and where flowers abound.

My girls patiently waited out my snap-happy fingers and even pointed out some pretty shots. Little Dolls.

I will start us out with the path flowers, since I became a little obsessed with the Lily Pad Flower... you will see why.

This gorgeous pink beauty is called a Hawaiian Red Ginger. They kind of remind me of corn...the way they grow up out of the stalks... Love them.

These little beauties are called Golden Eldorados. They're originally from New Caledonia. 
I would have never guessed their name...based on their coloring.

This lovely gem is a Bush Clock-Vine, or King's Mantle. It is native to Africa. 
There are so many African transplants on this island.
Look at the papery texture of the petals... 
Or is that just my camera phone?

 This beautiful trumpet flower is called a Crepe Ginger. 
I love this flower even more now that I know its name. 

And thank goodness for this wonderful, wonderful website...

I am finding so much that I want to know about the plants and flowers I'm falling in love with here.
There are links to other great like-themed websites... I am drooling. 

And another Red Ginger... that's actually pink. Cause I love them.

And now for the infamous 
Water Lily.

I am amazed at the shots that I was able to get with my PHONE!

Love the fishies!

...and I love my ehe

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