Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shut up and Go!

I totally sucked at it, but I ran today!! Woohooooewwww. =/ 
(that is my excited-into blah noise)

 Project 365
=) Singing Wa-Oh, Wa-Oh, Stuck Like Glue!

Yep, I ran today. I made up my mind that running is what I am going to have to do to get my jiggly bits back into shape. It has worked before. I have been fighting the whole running thing for years now. Trying out different gym routines, classes (I am a Zumba addict on sabbatical), walking, eating plans, pills, diets, blah blah blah. Done. I am not going to tell any of my friends about my decision. Unless they read it here or find out about my fast feet some other way... I am not announcing anything. I've come to the conclusion that when I say to people, "I'm going to start _________," it usually never pans out. A lot of times good intentions fall to the wayside. And I am tired of being that woman. 

The only person I need to be accountable to is me. The only person who I need to declare my intentions to is me. 


I want to start really treating my body like a temple. Because isn't that what our bodies are supposed to be? A temple for the Holy Spirit.  That is the attitude I need. That is the NEW APPROACH I must take.
I feel like I need to be much more wordy here..and say something profound. But, really, I think I am supposed to just shut up about it...and do it. 

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