Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rainbow Showers

More awesome pictures today. Seems like this is turning into the look at the fantastic pictures my crazy camera phone takes blog. Ha! Not really... but sorta. ;)
So today was a day. I had my friend's little boy for a good chunk of it. He is precious. We stayed super busy, crafting with Plaster of Paris and making dance videos. For a couple hours, though, while the kids played at the sand playground, as they like to call it, I got to enjoy some perfect Hawaiian weather under some beautiful Rainbow Shower trees. They are my favorite trees here on this rock. There are several that line our side yard and the garage row out back. LOVE them tons. Apparently these Rainbow Shower Trees are hybrids of the original white/pink shower trees and golden shower trees. Those have been respectively named the "Queen's Hospital White" and "Lunalilo Yellow." They are breath-taking. These hybrids that I love so much are a combination of the Queens and their coloring is a unique dusty pink and yellow that just asks to be photoed! I'll be sharing just a few of my favorites. My camera phone was being stubborn and not focusing in every shot. But you can still see why I am so in love with this tree!!

How can you see things like this and not know God is in it?

Look at my little friend.

Here's a full shot of the tree. It's a baby Rainbow Shower tree. They grow to be very large and super full. The Lunalilo Yellows become absolutely covered where no green is visible at all. But you can see... they're gorgeous. Apparently the Rainbow Tree is the official tree of Honolulu. I found some interesting info on them in this article

*forgive the base construction and all the cars.. ehe.

Do you have any favorite flowering trees? Do you have photos? I'd love to see!

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