Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Tree

I am exhausted. What a long day. My friend and I took our kids hiking to Maunawili falls. I had one extra kiddo... a 5 year old. He was awesome! But he was also a lot of work. I am already used to being in easy mode with my 9 & 11 (next month) year olds. I cannot believe that I just wrote that! 9 and 11. Ugg. =/
So, again, I took several dozen photos of beautiful Hawaiian scenery. ....ok, maybe more like two or three dozen, I was super-tame with my camera today, mostly because I had to hold on to a very excited little boy 98% of the time. Ha!! Look for a few-ish photos from the trail tomorrow!! And some gorgeous Rainbow Shower Trees.
Today's Project 365 comes out of the woods. I tried out the panoramic setting on my phone...and got this shot of a gorgeous tree that must be pushing 100 years old...surely.  Beautiful isn't it? 


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