Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 98 - A picture of you and your friends out somewhere

Way too easy. I have a ton of these. Like..a million. Ha! The little circle of women I call friends are so much fun. We all really complement each other and our personalities mesh well. It doesn't really matter where we are, whether it's a back yard bbq, sitting around in someone's living room, laying out at the beach or busting out the good moves on the dance floor...we have a great time together. 

It's hard to find people that you truly enjoy and get along with when you are as nomadic as we all are. But these women have proven their amazing character and quality. I'm so glad to know them. There is no drama with them. Only genuine honesty and respect for one another. I know this group of ladies will remain close and in touch over the the military takes us all in different directions as is its nature. 

For now though, it's not time to say goodbye, not even close. There are many, many more girls' night out's to be had and many, many more couch sessions to complete. 

This photo is great. We were just starting out our night. At the Hale Koa, where Sam's drink creation was being featured for a few months. The Mango Tango! Delish! It was a great start to a very memorable night. 

L-R:  Sam, Aprill, Amy, Me, Michele