Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 87 - A picture of someone you grew up with

This is a photo of a photo... I think Grandma did it. =) These are the people I grew up with. The Hearron Cousins!

We all did everything together. In the later years of our "childhoods" our time together grew further between...but all of us have amazing, fun, loving memories of our time together. Grandma and Papa Bill always made that possible! Our parents always brought us together, dressed us alike and promoted deep family bonds...that I think we all still feel! I miss seeing my cousins! Precious people.

From left to right: Alisabeth, Samantha, Bryan, Seth, Brandon, Meeee
Mandi, Lauren (and that is pronounced Law-ren!! get it right!), Sheldon, Tiffany, Tracey