Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 86 - A picture of someone who you treasure

There are a quite a few people that I could insert here... my heart is big for so many people and they are all so special in so many different ways. But the person I choose to talk about here today is my husband, Lucas. I know that probably doesn't come as a shock to anyone. I've said it before.. it is pretty evident just how much I adore my husband. 
Well, it is! I can't say it enough, and probably not even well enough... but I try. I am blessed to know him, to have him in my life. I am lucky that he chose me to be his wife. We are fortunate to mesh and grow up and change so well together. Our parenting techniques and values are basically completely in sync. And we make some pretty stinking beautiful children together, if I do say so... We balance each other out in so many ways. We work hard at our relationship. He is my lover, my best friend. I have so much fun with him, he makes me laugh..and I somehow manage to make him laugh too! He is the one person on this planet that I can trust with absolutely anything and everything. And while there are things that I reserve just for my girlfriends and mother, to save his sanity from crazy women ;)  ...I know that I could unload or talk about or behave just as I do with them...with him. He is a precious man, a loving, devoted, firm father, a genuine friend, an amazing and affectionate husband...and some other really fantastic things that I will not blatantly type out here on my blog. But you get it. ;) 

Lucas, My Love. My precious treasure. 
I love you Handsome!