Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 77 - A picture of you and friends making silly faces.

Day 77 - A picture of you and friends making silly faces.

Fortunately, I am an expert at making silly faces in my photos. I am my best when I make silly faces. They are the best ever photos! Hm...what shall I grace you with today? Hm...I think I will post a few!!! (Since Aprill and I seem to be the main offenders here!)'s been a while since I posted multiples!!!

Yah! A night out at the Frogs! Always fun!!! Glad Michele joined in on the faces!

More at the Frog!! Aprill and I doin our thing! YAAAAH!

Me and my bebes! They are hams like their mother!! And just as cool!! ;)

Me and my best friend EVER on the entire planet!!!!!!

Amy and I looking fly with our mustaches!

Aprill and I stayin up all night for that dumb purple purse!
(which was actually cute...but still...)

Traycie and I at 80's Bunco!! YAH!! I can always count on her for a funny picture!! Love it!!

Me and my Man!! We were taking pictures during the black out!! and the flash was blinding us!! Hahaha

Even Mom gets in on it!!! We're trying to make "the faces" but can't cause we're laughing...

I miss makin silly faces with you girl!