Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 51 - A picture of your dream car & A picture of you wearing sunglasses.

Day 51 - A picture of your dream car & A picture of you wearing sunglasses.

~~~A picture of your dream car~~~

I have wanted this vehicle since I started driving!!! I will get one someday...when my kids are older and don't ride around with me everywhere. It's not a grocery getter, or a family's...a...

REAL jeep!! not the kind with car tires. not the kind with a "hard top". not the kind that might as well be a suburban with its 4 doors... I want a top off, stripped down, no carpet, un-comfortable, gotta climb into it, nobby, chunky, muddy, REAL jeep!! the way they're supposed to be!

This is not necessarily a picture of THE jeep I want...but you can't be too choosy with Google. A friend of ours back in Germany let us drive his Jeep for our last 2 weeks there while our car was on a boat back to the came pretty close to my DREAM jeep! Was all black with black rims, 45inchers! perfect!! I think though...I want Army Green!! (I am still an AIR FORCE girl!! don't get me wrong...I've just always LOVED olive green!)

Gotta shout out to my old friend Lauren Bergfiled! Without you, Lauren, I'd probably have never gotten this itch! I have the best jeep memories with you!! We had so much fun those years! I miss you Lady!

~~~A picture of you wearing sunglasses~~~

Easy Peasy. I take lots of these when I'm bored in my car waiting for the UH shuttle..