Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 40 - A picture of your favorite Disney character & A picture of your friends.

Day 40 - A picture of your favorite Disney character & A picture of your friends.

~~~A picture of your favorite Disney character~~~

It has got to be Ariel, for so many reasons. I lived in the swimming pool when I was a little girl, and I pretended to be Ariel all the time. I made my sister be Sebastian. Ha! This was the first movie I cried at...when Ariel tells her father, as the ship is sailing away under the rainbow, " I love you Daddy "... little 7 year old me- sobbing. Can't believe it's been that long.. I can sing all of Ariel's songs word for word. I used to sing Part of Your World to Taylor when she was a toddler at bed time. She is the ultimate fairy tale character...for me. =)
And on a different note... in watching Ariel, I think, was the first time I really realized my sexuality. I don't remember if I noticed it so much when it came out and I was 7, but it wasn't long after. The things they have her do, the way the "draw" her boobs...OMG BOOBS! Is she reason I'm obsessed? Haha. Mermaids are, by nature, very sensual creatures, but dang Disney, you weren't very discreet for the kiddos now were you? Anyways.. here are 3 pics I like of Ariel.. The first is a beautiful painting/drawing?? by `lolita-art. I found it through a google search for Ariel. I love this depiction of the mermaid. It's my favorite ever! The second is a boob shot of Ariel..I remember noticing them big time in this scene... And the Third is a great (and very sensual scene too, might I add) picture of Ariel with Prince Eric... hands down the best ever Disney Prince. I still love him! ;)

~~~A picture of your friends~~~

Well Crap! I don't have a picture of everyone together. And I don't want to offend anyone by not putting them up here. =/ This is way too hard.. Being a military family, we move around a TON and I have friends all over the planet! So... I'm not going to put a picture up here. If you are my friend, you know who you are!