Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 01 - A recent photo of you and 15 facts about yourself

1. Obvious fact: I am a ham!

2. I am Covered by God's Grace through faith in Jesus!!!

3. I am the oldest of 4 kids (2 sisters and a 1 bro) but I also have 7 step-siblings and 3 ex-step siblings! I am also older than ALL of them!! Except for maybe Bo..??

4. I need things to be even. If I crack one knuckle, the same knuckle on the other hand has to be popped!

5. I am a young mom. I'm not talking 22, 23 young..I'm talking YOUNG young. And those early blessings have been amazing!

6. My 10 year old is only 4 and half inches shorter than me..and I'm no short chick.= /

7. I miss doing cart wheels and flips off the diving board. I want to play like a kid.

8. I have the most beautiful singing voice in the world...according to my 8 year old!

9. I have a stupid fear of open water. It just decided to pop up when I was 23 years old. Before that, nada.

10. I love Lucas more today than I did when I met him almost 12 years ago..but we still flirt like we're 16 years old.

11. I don't care if people think we're too mushy. I'll never be ashamed of loving passionately and enjoying my husband. He is my best friend!

12. I want so badly to just live near my family again. I miss them so, so much.

13. Over the years I have learned that there are all types of friends. Not everyone will be your BFF...and that is ok...

14. I am in the process of learning to really take care of myself. It should be natural, but it's on a really big curve!! Ha!

15. I have also learned that nothing anyone else can say to or about me and my faith in Jesus will/can ever change what I know to be truth in my heart of hearts.