Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Comfy Dory Gym

Walking into a new gym for the first time is always a different kind of experience. I don't really find it intimidating, but it's not all comfy-dory either. (Like how I just made up a "word"?) You don't know the equipment, or the routines of the gym. You have to really look around for the machines you want to use and you can't just walk right up to the same old elliptical that you usually do. I definitely get the new kid vibe as I walk through the cardio room. But it's exciting.

Despite my current state of squish, I really could be a wonderful gym rat. I love the smells (minus the sweat, blah) and the sounds. I love the feel of my muscles working. And something about putting the head phones on and just ignoring the rest of the world is so comforting.
Isn't it funny, or rather, stupid- how we can fall out of doing something we love so much so easily? This realization happens to me every time I start back at the gym.

Here's hoping that I can make a good long run at it this time.