Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 96 - A picture of something you made

Hm, what to choose for this one... I love creating things. I even have a few photos up on my Brookish Stuffs page. (That's a work in progress...I hope to fill it with wonderful, spectacular stuff that my amazingly fabulous brain came up with. ;)  hehe.)  Anyways..I think I will choose to feature a diaper cake that I made two Novembers ago for my cousin. This cake was one of two. I made a monkey themed cake for the baby...who is the cutest little second cousin I've ever had!... and this one for mama. I especially love the lighting in the photo. It makes the cake look so fancy. And the Grandmother's old wood dining room...the cupcakes and flowers... it's all great. Blue and orange and lime green are great together.