Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 94 - A picture of you and your friends eating

I don't think there actually exists a photo of me or my friends eating anywhere! At least, not that I know of.
Look... being photographed while shoveling daintily placing food in your mouth is not EVER flattering. So I try to avoid it at all costs. And since I know this, I try to avoid taking pictures of my friends while they're eating. I'm nice like that. ;)
This photo was taken on a fun night out with some friends for Aprill's birthday. Surely yall know who Aprill is by now. Ha!  Obviously, from the to-go boxes in the foreground you can tell we've just finished eating. I think that's as close as we're gonna get to a picture of the actual physical act. Sorry. =/
We'd eaten at Bucca de Bepo- which is such a fun restaurant, if I were doing a review you'd get a much more vivid image of the place-  and then went upstairs for drinks at the Dave & Busters Bar, played games and won tons of tickets!, and then back to the bar again. We capped off the night at our E-Club playing pool. Super fun time.

L-R:  Michele, me, Lucas, Larry, Aprill, Tony