Monday, May 23, 2011

The Brookish Project 365

My new blogging mission... Project 365.

I've really enjoyed doing the 100 Day Photo Challenge. It has been fun to dig up old photos and search through the endless picture files that I have stored to find just the right snapshot for the day's topic. My vanity and photography obsession paid off. Now that it is coming to an end, I've been in search of something new to promote an everyday writing habit. I have brainstormed for days and only come up with a few worthy possibilities. Today, I was googling interesting photos and found this photo blog idea... Project 365. It sounds so fancy and official! Basically, I will be taking a photo each day, posting it to my blog and writing about it. The idea is to develop your photography & writing skills and to be able to document a year in your life in a way that you would not have thought to before.
I figure that this is the best of both worlds for me, in regards to writing and photography...even more so than the 100 Day Photo Challenge. I would love to develop and grow in both areas. The tips on the website I found suggest writing about the photo...maybe simply by telling what it is, where it is, who, when, etc. I think I'll go one step further and occasionally write stories, poems, tiny essays... it should be fun. And this time around I will have to take a new photo each day. So, there will be less of me even though I know you love seeing my face so much.  Can't wait to start! ...I don't know the exact day I will dive into this...but you will know. ;)