Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 66 - A picture of you in the air.

Day 66 - A picture of you in the air.

I have an excellent photo for this one. This year, January 26, 2011, was mine and Lucas' 10th wedding anniversary! We have been all over the world now and weathered storms that a lot of couples take lifetimes to overcome. And 10 is a big milestone.. these days anyways. (Isn't that sad!) Never-the-less, we decided to do it up big. First, Lucas surprised me with a limo ride to dinner at the spinning top of Honolulu restaurant...of which the name escapes me. Then a few days later we celebrated further with some extreme hang-gliding. We wanted to do something that not a lot of people get to do...and something kind of out of the ordinary! So we took powered-hang-glider flights!! It was aaaamazing! We got to see Oahu in ways and places that even locals will never see it. Part of the experience was that we got to fly the little aircraft ourselves. That was super exciting. My favorite part though...was definitely getting to watch the mama and baby whales.. she was teaching him to come up for air!! We saw 8 or 9 whales that day...from above. SUPER RARE!! How many people get to see (that many) whales in one day...and from above!!??? Not many! We were lucky! I'll never forget that Anniversary!!

So here is a photo of me in my Ultra-Light with Denise Sanders (front) of Paradise Air. I'm piloting the thing in this photo! Yaaaaah!! It was a sunrise at this point, the sun was barely peaking over the mountains. We flew on the north-west side of the island! That tip on the right side of the photo is Kaena Point...the western most tip of Oahu! Yah...we flew right over it. Yall should see all my photos (and video)!! AAAAAmazing!

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