Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 64 - A picture of you at work.

Day 64 - A picture of you at work.

This is a photo of me at my last job. I worked for the military housing in Monterey, California. The Parks at Monterey Bay...
While I didn't agree with all of the policies that the company had... I have to say...they were still amazing!! a housing management office goes.
The particular office I worked in consisted of myself and 3 other AAAAAmazing ladies!!! (These women truly were an answer to prayer and I am forever changed for knowing them and having them in my life.. those three know who they are!!)
I just want to say..of the housing offices...and not just because I worked in them... that they really knew how to run a good ship. Things were not perfect...but the residents' issues were always addressed (even if it took a little bit of time) and that our housing staff really did care about the residents and their issues. All four of us, in my office, were also military spouses and residents of the homes we managed. So we even knew, first hand, what our customers felt and experienced.

And I have to give extra special major props to our maintenance guys!! They were, and still are, the best crew I've ever any base I've ever lived... The system, while tiring, demanding and stressful, that they operated under-worked-and the residents in The Parks don't know just how good they have it with those men! Now, living in Hawaii with this new [different corporation] running things...I'm just soooo disappointed. I remember how we did things, how our maintenance guys did things, and how UNDER STAFFED we were...and we still got every thing done! And our guys...they were ON TOP of every work order they ever had. People in The Parks thought 3 days wait for a routine issue was a long time....they should try out the 3 week wait we undergo here in Hawaii... it's ridiculous!

I never thought I'd say it...but I really do miss Pinnacle running things...especially my MARSHALL PARK!!!! TEAM!!!