Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 43 - A picture of you celebrating & A picture of something you can’t function without..

~~~A picture of you celebrating~~~

Yes, this is celebrating! For Christmas, in 2009, I bought my brother and sisters matching tattoos! The reason it is celebrating...well... the word is Consanguineous... it's Latin for " of the same decent, related my blood. " ((A very Tiffany word, might I add! hehe)) So there! We're celebrating our sibling bond! And they're all --a little-- different. Tia's has a flame that dots the i, Tracey's has a star that dots the i, Brandon's is well...obvious...and mine, hm... the dot for my i...looks like a sperm. HA!! I love these tatts. They're one of many on all of us... and counting! Our ex-step cousin Dave Bozeman, of Locally Famous Studios in The Woodlands did them... And for those of you who have seen Lucas' dragon... that's Dave's handi-work as well. He the best! I'm planning to have him draw on me some more this summer when I visit family! Check out his site on Facebook!

~~~A picture of something you can’t function without~~~

ugh. I hate these. I think they make people sound so matter what they choose. Lipgloss! My cell phone! Mascara! Coffee! Yoga! Facebook! Lame!!!!!! Really?

The real answers, the only non-lame ones, are sleep, water and food. I'm going to put up a photo of all three. It's the best photo of all three ever!! ;) My little one when she was 2 and a half!