Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 33 - A picture of the house you grew up in.

Day 33 - A picture of the house you grew up in.

Like a lot of things in my life, and in this photo challenge, there are multiples for this. I have moved so many times...currently, I live in my 21st house- and the number is only going to go up. When I was little, we moved a couple times to different cities...then after my parents divorced,there were separate houses, then flooding in both, more houses, then new marriages, new houses, then I moved out/got married, new that time, I was already living in my 13th home... Then the Air Force entered our lives..and, being the nomadic culture that we are, we've moved several now here I am, on #21 and already dreaming of the next. However...The next home, we're hoping, will be a little more permanent. It should, hopefully, be one of the last 2 or 3 or 4. Yah!! We'll see. So for this challenge, I've decided to only post photos of 2 homes that I lived in a kid. =) I have tons of pics of the stuff I've lived in throughout my married life...ha! But that's not what this day's challenge is for.

This is a photo of my 2nd house...we moved into it when I less than a year old. My dad built this place himself. My very first memories are in this house...I remember things from as young as 1 & half or 2 years old. =) My sister, Tiffany, and I both got to live in this one. It was happy there. That's my Daddy in the photo..I think the house was aaallllmost finished?

These two photos are of the 4th house I lived in as a kid. All 4 of us, (me, Tia, Bran & Trace) got to live in this home. I have soooo, so many memories of this house. It was a happy place too. The first photo is a google map image...I'm guessing this was taken in the winter time? Because when we lived there, those trees were full and green, the lawn was green, and the front of the house was covered in roses. The back yard is almost double the front was awesome. The second photo is a pic of me and my siblings in front of the house... see? I wasn't lying about the green. Ha!! from left to right: Tracey, Brandon, Me, Tiffany. This is the only home, of the 13 I lived in as a kid, that I remember the address...213 Scenic Trail! ha! Good stuff.