Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory.

I have sooo many favorite memories. And many of them don't have photos to go with them. So I'm going to do a top 5-ish. =)

This was such a fun time. Christmas 2008 we surprised the girls with a trip to Disney Land. We packed up and hit the road to Anaheim at 12 noon, just 4 hours after they found out on Christmas day. They had so much fun. =) We all did.

This was taken in July 2006 in Ibiza. It was our first vacation ever...just the two of us...sort of a 5 years late honeymoon. And this was one of the last things we did there...great trip.

This has to make my top 5 favorites. This photo is from 2004. Lucas surprised me and came home early from a deployment. He conspired with a bunch of our friends, Randis and Zach in particular. It's a great story...but maybe that's better left for another blog. ;)

Everyone has seen this picture before...but it's one of my favorite memories. My mom and sisters came to visit me in Germany while Lucas was deployed in 2006 (again). We took a trip to Amsterdam. ;) Fun fun times!! I still can't believe we all slept in that bed sideways like that. Ha!! I miss yall!

This one tops my favorites too! It was Tabatha's 25th birthday. 2008. Tami, Tab and I are photo whores. We admit it. We rented a hotel room in Santa Cruz and a VIP booth in...that club...the name escapes me. It was sooo much fun! Of course...every night with my girl is fun!

So..I guess I could keep on going with this. Like I said I have sooo many favorites. But I'll stop here. =) After all, it is only day 5 of the "challenge."