Monday, July 20, 2009

God Does Facebook

I was skimming through my facebook news feed earlier and came across this prayer my friend had said:

Lord, in today's time when we are encouraged by the media to focus on our appearance for self gratification help us to not forget to fall on our knees to pray. Help us to see that perfection can never be accomplished and that only in our imperfection we become whole. Help us to find pride in the calluses that form on our knees as a result of prayer and not our superficial exterior appearances. Amen.

Amen! So true. I forget, as we all do sometimes, that God really does have His fingers in all of my life. Even my weight loss. If I am diligent in prayer and faithful and trusting, God will take me where I need to be. I say NEED. Not WANT. Sometimes want coincides with need. Need is definitely more important.

I think that today God is trying to reiterate to me faith and prayer. Also, in the facebook news feed, I came across another posting with a link to a blogspot page. This person had a "revelation" of something they'd known already, but sometimes forgot... a lot like me. This revelation told them to be patient and quiet and listen for God's direction and guidance in a very big life change.
Weight loss is a life change. For me it is. That blog was nudge #2 for me. Time to listen.

If God can get on Facebook to tell me He's got this, I can get on my knees to tell Him I trust Him.